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Lead Feed User Guide

Accessing, reviewing, and rating the call, form, and text leads Move Over Media generated for your business is now easier than ever with our new Lead Feed system.

To access your Lead Feed simply log in to your Move Over Media account here

Once you log in, proceed to click the Lead Feed link in the top menu to be taken to your Lead Feed.

Account Dashboard

When you arrive at the Lead Feed, you will see a list of all the contacts Move Over Media has sent to you. The contacts are sorted chronologically and you can easily filter and order contacts, show or hide data columns, view contact details, listen to incoming calls, block spammers, and most importantly, give us feedback on the Leads so that we can focus our efforts on the types of customers that matter most to you and your business.

When rating leads, be sure to rate the lead based on its own merits and not the outcome of the sale and or project.

As you know, no one closes every deal and not every project goes 100% according to plan. If you were to rate a great lead poorly due to the loss of the sale or project issues with items such as permitting, weather, or the customer’s attitude, we would assume that you did not want that type of lead and may stop focusing on what you really want.

Also please only rate actual leads as we do not need any feedback on spam, repeat callers, vendors, or other miscellaneous contacts.

When providing lead feedback, there are a lot of different elements that factor into the overall lead rating. We know that the quality and value of a lead extends far beyond the money that it puts in your pocket.

Because of this, we like to take a broader approach and ask that you rate your leads based on other important, related factors as well, such as delivery, location, and even the happiness factor.

Rate your leads based on their potential, not outcome. This means you don’t have to wait until the sales process is complete before providing your lead rating. You should have all the information you need to accurately rate the lead for our purposes at the end of the first or second call with the potential client.

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Things To Consider

In order to rate the lead potential, you will want to consider several different “value points”. Before selecting a rating, thoroughly consider:

  • The Type of Lead: Are they requesting services that you like performing? 
  • The Ease of Delivery: How quickly & easily can you provide what they need?
  • Resource Availability: Do you have the required resources at your disposal?
  • The Value & Margins: Is this a high-ticket or high-margin job?
  • Location/Geography: Is the location of the job a factor in delivery? 
  • The Future Factor: Is this a large company or one likely to result in repeat business?

Low ticket leads can still be rated 5 stars if they are something you enjoy working on or can produce with minimal effort. A high ticket lead can even earn a low star rating if the work is complex, labor-intensive, or something that you simply don’t prefer to pursue.

the power of a positive review


-Customer Personality

-Project Complications

-Closed Sale / Earned Business

These factors do not impact our ability to generate similar leads. We can not control whether callers are friendly or jerks, and both types of people search the same way. Also, whether or not the job converts to a sale is based more on the sales process and client personality, not on the quality and potential of the lead. Please do not consider these items when determining a fair rating, as they could skew your data and result in missed opportunities.

What Your Lead Ratings Tell Us

When you rate your leads, you are essentially telling us how desirable that lead is to you. This is what we hear when we review your lead ratings:

Lead Rating Guide

In addition to star ratings, you can tag leads, add notes, as well as add value and profit figures. This information gives us an even better picture of the value of our service, and helps us to accurately pinpoint which leads are best for your business. 

The ability to link the actual profit back to the specific marketing efforts and customer journey that resulted in that lead allows us to identify what specifically is making you the most money, and we can then focus on delivering you more of the leads that have the biggest positive influence on your business.

Do Not Rate Spam, Wrong #’s, Vendor Calls, Existing/Past Customers, Etc.

You do not need to rate spam, wrong numbers, vendor calls, or other contacts that are not qualified leads. A simple tag will suffice to let us know that this is an untargeted call or not a lead. Rating this can confuse our process, and may unintentionally cause us to eliminate lead types or paths that may otherwise produce fruitful opportunities.

missed calls equal missed opportunities
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