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So how does all this really work? What will you actually be getting when working with us?

As an all-inclusive digital marketing and lead generation provider, we utilize a unique blend of proven marketing techniques to deliver a consistent flow of targeted leads. However, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make that happen.

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Let’s dig in a little deeper so you have a better idea of exactly how we operate.

Step 1. Determining Compatibility

Our first step is understanding your business, learning about your products and services, and determining if we are the right provider to meet your needs.

We research the potential in your market, your competition, and the efficacy of various marketing methods in your region to determine if there is a viable opportunity.

Once we have determined the level of competition in your market and our ability to deliver, we will provide a custom quote based on our actual costs required to deliver a steady stream of targeted, qualified leads to you.

find out if our lead generation service is right for you

If we determine that there isn’t room for us to make a big impact in your market, or if we already work with one of your competitors, we will let you know upfront to save you time and hassle.

Step 2. Setup & Prep (~3 weeks)

Once you have selected us as your chosen provider, we then begin laying the groundwork for your marketing plan.

This includes designing any creatives we need for your campaign, prepping the various marketing channels we will be utilizing, and gathering all the information we need from you to ensure your campaign is a success.

our lead generation process

The Lead Delivery Expert that will be in charge of ensuring your campaign runs smoothly will reach out to you during this time to introduce themselves to you, answer any questions you may have, and gather any final details needed for launch.

Step 3. Launch & Delivery

Once all creatives are in place and all marketing channels are set up, we will alert you to the official launch of your campaign.

You can expect to get your first leads as soon as Day 1.

Full Powered Marketing Engine

By using a variety of marketing channels and methods for lead generation, we are able to begin delivering qualified leads much faster than our SEO only competitors.

Step 4. Analyze & Adjust

Maintaining and improving the quantity and quality of your leads is a non-stop process. We review all of our marketing campaigns on a daily basis to ensure all of our methods are delivering at a level that meets or exceeds our (and your) expectations.

We modify your exact marketing blend as we see identify changes in your market or in response to known events, such as holidays or seasonal changes that impact search and purchasing behavior.

With 20+ years of experience, our team has delivered leads through the best and the worst of times.

full service lead generation experts

Our nimble, all-inclusive approach means that we are ready and able to adapt to market changes at a moment’s notice.

Our insight, combined with your feedback, allows us to tighten our focus on the type of leads that you want the most, turning your marketing campaign into a highly-effective and highly-targeted lead generation machine.

Targeted Local Lead Generation

Take the Lead with Move Over Media!

If you are ready to move over to a dependable, experienced lead generation provider that delivers targeted, high-quality local leads, the first step is a simple conversation.

Move Over Media

Our Lead Delivery Experts are skilled consultants who are excited to learn more about your business, how you operate, and providing smart solutions that make running your business easier and more enjoyable.

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